Imagine a late afternoon while the sun slowly sets in the horizon, you walk barefooted and hand in hand with the one you love. Perfect isn’t it?

This might be included in every traveler’s wish list but it also contains several dream destinations and planned activities. Who wouldn’t? But while we dream of that perfect trip to paradise, we should always bear in mind that we also have a set of responsibilities as stewards of nature.

With this,’s campaign ‘The Footprints Project’ was created which envisions the protection of our country’s natural tourist destinations and pristine beaches. Travel enthusiasts are encouraged to be more responsible while traveling and exploring the beautiful travel destinations in the country.

According to the organization’s website, “Hand in hand with non-profit organizations Save Philippine Seas and Earth Island Philippines, the Footprints Project envisions the Philippines with a healthy, sustainable and successful tourism enjoyed, promoted, and guarded by a people who are environmentally conscious, friendly, and responsible.”

It’s striking message “Leave nothing but footprints.” helps us to always remember that while we enjoy our dream vacation, we should always take part in helping our environment  be waste-free thus we should only leave our footprints as marks.


As part of this campaign, there are 6 ways on how we should practice being stewards of nature:

  1. Research your destination. Plan your trip ahead of time and very carefully to maximize your whole stay in your chosen destination. Planning also saves a lot of money, time and energy because you will be following a tour itinerary throughout.
  2. Recognize rules. You should be aware that you are a tourist, a visitor to a place you wish to visit. In order to show respect to the people and place you’re going to, research and follow all the rules to make your trip hassle-free.
  3. Reduce waste. Again, you are a visitor. You don’t want to throw waste on somebody’s lawn, do you?
  4. Respect wildlife. We humans need respect. They need it as well.
  5. Report illegal activities. Don’t hesitate to report anything you see suspicious. It’s something you can do now, or never.
  6. Repost/retweet. If you care about nature, then you know now what to do. Share and protect our endeared nature.

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Ultimate Coron Experience supports ‘The Footprints Project’ in cooperation with

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Visit their website for more information on this great cause.


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