Super typhoon ‘Haiyan’ or locally called ‘Yolanda’ may have inflicted devastation in the lives of many Filipinos but the aftermath of its outrage commenced a heartwarming response – the world stood beside the Philippines and slowly lifts her up.

Since super typhoon ‘Yolanda’ hit the Visayas and Northern Palawan area last November 8, 2013, all news seemed to be dragging and heartbreaking. Seeing our fellowmen desperately look for their loved ones, continuously wail on national television and urgently plead for help from the government, is really painful to watch especially when you know for a fact that you can never really measure the pain, fear and grief they hold until your lives switch. You then realize how lucky you are and do every possible thing to help.


There’s no room for ‘who did it right or who did it wrong’ and ‘it’s your fault’. All we need to do is ACT and every little act of kindness counts.  These kinds of situations does not require you to be rich or not, young or not, foreign or not. As long as you have that will to extend a helping hand, slowly the Philippines will recover.

‘Yolanda’ is just a proof that the Philippines is a resilient nation and that with everyone’s help, faith in humanity will soon be restored.


In lieu of ‘Yolanda’s devastation to Coron, Palawan, Ultimate Coron Experience still accepts any kind of donations to Coron locals and Coron boatmen who lost their homes and boats. Let us help them restore their lives by letting them feel we are here.

For donations you can contact us at (+63) 918 465 9010

or email us at: ultimatecoronexperience.gmail.com


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